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Miss Bluffdale Application 2021

  1. In order to be eligible to compete, you must be at least 17 years of age and be no more that 24 years of age on April 30 of the year of competition.
  2. Contestant may be away attending school but parents address (permanent address) must be in Bluffdale to be eligible.
  3. Talents do no have to be performing talents
  4. A 10-hour platform project is required and will go toward your participation points (15%) of your final score at the pageant
    List 1 or 2 potential platforms & projects you are interested in presenting
  5. Attendance of the workshops will go toward participation points (15%) of your final score at the pageant. Please list any conflicts from the workshop schedule.
  6. If there is an event you absolutely cannot attend, you can send a substitute in your place from the pageant contestant pool from 2021 All dates and times are subject to change. A more final list will be provided.
  7. I understand that I need to find a sponsor for AT LEAST $250 and have the check written to Bluffdale City. The money will be used to support the Miss Bluffdale Program. The check needs to be brought to the February 20th workshop. I understand that this sponsorship money is non-refundable. Please use the attached sponsor letter. Sponsors support goes toward the pageant, not the contestant.
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  9. I hereby acknowledge that the personal information listed above is correct.
  10. **All contestants will need to sign a contract by orientation regarding scholarship money and the Miss Bluffdale requirements. If under 18, a parent signature will also be required on the contract. Contact the Pageant Director, Natalie Hall, 801-633-6833 or with any questions.
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