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Application for Business License - Commercial

  1. SECTION I: Business Information

  2. Business Activity: Please choose one (1) that best describes your business.*

  3. Do you want to be featured on Bluffdale City's"Shop Local" Facebook Page?

    If yes, please email your ad to Natalie at

  4. SECTION II: Federal and State Requirements

  5. State Registration and Tax numbers can be obtained by logging onto

  6. SECTION III: Business Description

  7. SECTION IV: Fees

  8. License Fees

    Call the cashiering office at 801-254-2200 to make a payment.

  9. Receipt #


  10. Date Paid


  11. Initials


  12. SECTION V: Required Signatures

  13. Licensing & Approvals

    License is subject to approval from the Planning Department, Code Enforcement and Fire Department. It is expressly understood and agreed that the Bluffdale City Council may refuse to grant the license applied for, or if allowed, will be granted and accepted by Licensee on condition that it may be revoked at the will and pleasure of the City Council of the City of Bluffdale when, in their opinion, such action is necessary for the protection of the public health, peace or morals or for violation of laws or ordinances relating to business. I/we do hereby confirm that the above information is a correct and true reflection of the applicant(s) and business. I agree to conduct business in accordance with the provisions of the most recently adopted Business License ordinance and any other ordinance or statues governing operation of said business. I understand that this application may be subject to audit, for billing purposes.

  14. Electronic Signature*

    By checking 'I agree,' you agree and acknowledge your electronic signature is valid and binding in the same force and effect as a handwritten signature.


  16. Zoning Clearance _____________________________ Yes ____ No ____ Date ________________

  17. Exempt: Yes _____ No _______

  18. Code Enforcement _____________________________ Yes ____ No ____ Date ________________

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