How do I apply for a Bluffdale City Business License?

Please contact the Business License Official (801-849-9402) for specific forms, information and requirements if your business entity is:

• Temporary or itinerant in nature
• Involved with the sale or consumption of alcohol
• Door-to-door soliciting or mobile vending
• A sexually oriented business
• Firearms dealer
• Pawn shop or a second hand dealer
• Massage Therapy Establishment

If the State of Utah requires a license for your profession, you will be asked to submit a copy at the time of application.

The State of Utah, in cooperation with several local government entities, has developed a "One-Stop Business Registration" website.  This website streamlines many of the processes for registering a new business. The site is available 24 / 7 and will guide you through a series of questions designed to determine which State or Federal registrations and forms are applicable to your type of business. Many of the assigned tax numbers, business registrations and accounts assigned through this site are a necessary precursor to the business license process. It is easy and a lot less time consuming and cumbersome than physically visiting each agency in person.

A Bluffdale City license is required in addition to any state license

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