Standards for I-ADUs*

*Refer to BCC 11.340.060 for all standards

  • One off-street parking space required (not including 2 spaces for main dwelling) Refer to 11.340.040
  • Location: An I-ADU must be enclosed within the primary dwelling
  • Entrance Locations. Entrances to an I-ADU shall only be permitted in the following locations:
    • An existing entrance to the single-family dwelling;
    • Exterior stairs on lots other than a corner lot, leading to an entrance above or below the first level of the principal structure, may be located on a side or rear elevation of a building;
    • Located on the rear facade of the dwelling.
  • Ownership: The single-family dwelling and the I-ADU shall remain in single ownership and either the single-family dwelling or the I-ADU shall be owner-occupied in accordance with 11.340.040

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