What are the benefits of getting an ADU permit?
  • Creates a legal way to create a 2nd (accessory) dwelling on your property/within your dwelling
  • Provides a safer way to create another dwelling unit, by requiring an ADU to be compliant with adopted building and fire code standards
  • Assists in the provision of moderate-income housing or more affordable housing within the city
  • Provides a housing opportunity for those who may need a smaller space, more affordable space, or a space near family due to age or other life transitions

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1. What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)?
2. Where are ADUs allowed?
3. How many ADUs are allowed on a property?
4. What are the benefits of getting an ADU permit?
5. Where can I find an ADU application?
6. How to apply for an ADU?
7. What are the code requirements for having an ADU?
8. Does having an ADU mean I can have a short-term rental or AirBnb?
9. Types of ADUs
10. Key Standards for all ADUs*
11. Key Standards for D-ADUs*
12. Standards for I-ADUs*