14400 South Construction Project

The City is going to perform scheduled maintenance of water and stormwater utilities and asphalt pavement on 14400 South. Coincidentally, South Valley Sewer District (SVSD) needs to up-size a sewer main in 14400 S between 3600 W and 2200 W. The City is taking this opportunity to partner with SVSD and complete the scheduled needed work at the same time, to reduce impact to the residents, reducing interruptions and costs.

A more detailed description of the scope of the project:

  • Replace a drinking waterline from 2200 W to 3200 W.  This waterline is 50 years old and has leaked several times in the past few years.  We will replace older fire hydrants and replace all drinking water services in this stretch. Water service to homes must be turned off for several hours while the service line is switched over.  
  • Install new pressurized irrigation waterlines with services from 2450 W to 3200 W.  This will fill in a gap in the City's Pressurized Irrigation system and provide service to residents who wish to connect.  These services will be installed now, but you do not have to use them.  If you wish to connect to the City’s Pressurized Irrigation system, please contact Dan Tracer, to begin the connection process at dtracer@bluffdale.com.  If you haven’t done so already, you might have to dedicate canal shares to the city for the water needed to irrigate your lot and pay the cost to install the service. 
  • Improve the storm drain system by Installing new lines and inlets in several locations to address road flooding during heavy storms.
  • Install new residential-style street lights from 2200 W to 3600 W.  Street lights will alternate on the north or south side of 14400 S, intersection, and crosswalks.
  • Replace all existing aging asphalt from 2200 W to 3600 W.