Day Ranch Park

The Day Ranch Park is an almost 20-acre park that includes an innovative combination skate park and pump track, a mountain bike skills course and jump lines, and a bike playground to challenge riders of all skill levels and ages. The park will also provide an all-inclusive playground with a butterfly garden, 8 pickleball courts, 1 tennis court, and 2 multipurpose sports fields with connecting trails to the area making it a place of enjoyment for all users throughout the community. This park creates a gathering place to bring the community together while offering a variety of amenities on a larger scale including both intensive recreational facilities and sports, as well as passive components such as pathways, picnic areas, and natural areas complementary to the area.

The park is located at 1156 Rochelle Day Drive, near Mountain Point Elementary School and Hidden Valley Middle School. 

Construction began in June 2022 with an estimated completion date of summer 2023.

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DayRanchPark-SiteDevelopment Plan
City Celebration Logo Final

Bluffdale Celebration Day Ranch Park Grand Opening

August 12, 2023 | Events all day long

Join us at 9 am for a parade through the Independence Community. After a short ribbon-cutting ceremony at the park, there will be a Children’s Entrepreneur Fair, events and shows at all the different amenities, food trucks, games, and more! The night festivities start at 6:30 pm and include a movie in the park and fireworks!

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Full Park looking South with Labels

All Abilities Playground

The designs include a butterfly garden with a fully inclusive playground.

On April 28, three representatives from Stotz Equipment brought a donation for the All Abilities Park to City Hall. Mayor Hall, along with other City staff, accepted the check.

Play Ground Equipment Rendering
Play Ground Equipment Rendering
All Abilities Play Ground Equipment Rendering
Play Ground Equipment Rendering

Bike Park

The Day Ranch Park is a unique park combining bike, skate, and play amenities that are not typically found together anywhere else in Utah or other states. The City is contracted with American Bike Ramps to create an area of the park to include a 9,000 sq ft skate area, a 10,000 sq ft bike pump track, 4,000 sq ft of skill lines and jumps, and a 3,500 sq ft bike playground. This area will be the first in Utah to combine these elements in one location, allowing visitors a wide range of options for all skill levels and ages. The designers of the bike and skate park take pride in creating unique features for the community in which they are located. The City’s goal was to create a variety of bike amenities with the idea that progression from young riders with limited skills to be able to advance those skills within one park. The topography of the site and its location to public streets made this area of the park ideal for the bike and skate elements. These bike and skating areas will be easily accessible and visible. 

The City of Bluffdale was awarded a $200,000.00 Utah Outdoor Grand Recreation Grant from the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation for the Day Ranch Bike and Skate Park on May 19, 2022.

Proposed Bike Park Renderings v1
Proposed Bike Park Renderings v2
Proposed Bike Park Renderings v3
Proposed Bike Park Renderings v4