Where do I register? Click here to be redirected to our recreation website.
How much is registration? Residents = $45
Non-residents = $50


How much are uniforms?
To purchase a jersey, it is $12. You can purchase one during registration if needed.
What do parents need to provide with the uniform? All players will need to wear shin guards and close-toed shoes. These items are NOT provided by the Recreation Department. Soccer cleats are encouraged, however, metal cleats are prohibited.
How will we know if we wear blue or white? The first team on the schedule will wear the blue side of their jersey. The second team listed on the schedule will wear the white side of their jersey.
Are the jerseys reusable from season to season? Yes. The jerseys were purchased in the spring of 2022 and will be used for the first few seasons. Once the recreation department changes the design/color, families will be required to purchase a new jersey.


What dates and days are games? Click here to view the dates of the soccer season and the days that soccer games are played.
How will I know if a game is cancelled?
All coaches will receive an email an hour before each game to let them know if games have been cancelled or not. Here are other places to check for cancelled games:
Bluffdale City Website
Bluffdale City Recreation Website
Bluffdale City Instagram
Bluffdale City Facebook
Where are games played? Due to field space, all games are played at Bluffdale City Main Park.
2400 W 14400 S 
Bluffdale, Utah. 84065
This may change once Day Ranch Park is finished.
Who refs the games? For prek through 2nd-grade, coaches will ref each game (which is consistent with other cities). Once a child hits the 3rd-grade division, a referee will be provided by the Recreation Department.
What are the rules in soccer? With our recreation league, the rules vary based on each grade division. Click here to find the rules for your grade.