Summer Wranglin

Events All Summer Long! Great Prizes. Varied Competitions, Door Prize Drawings! Every Entry gets their name in the Summer Wranglin’ Bash with BIG Prizes - 55" Smart TV & More! 

Rules of Entry: 

1. Open to Bluffdale Residents & their Families. 

2. Prizes will only be delivered to a Bluffdale address. 

3. Entries MUST be submitted on Bluffdale Old West Days Facebook page to be valid. 

4. Badlands Remix, Rollin’ Wranglers Old Car Parade, and Late Night Lights are open to ALL. These as well as Drive In Bingo, Story Time Surprise, Online Mario Kart, and Kahoots Youth Remix will not receive entry in Summer Wranglin’ Bash. 

Events will Run June 1st - August 29th The City of Bluffdale (the “City”) is excited to offer the Summer Wranglin’ Remix. 

The City is offering various types of virtual events for the whole family to enjoy.  Your participation in any event is voluntary and you assume any type of risk associated therewith and hold the City harmless and indemnify the City from any type of claim, including torts.  In consideration of being permitted to participate in the City events, on behalf of yourself and any personal representative, you further agree to authorize the City to (1) use, reproduce, publish, republish, edit, modify, or distribute, in whole or in part any of my posted content (including text, photo, video) without any form of compensation and for any purpose that the City and those acting pursuant to its authority, deem appropriate, including promotional or advertising efforts; and (2) use my name in connection with any content I post.  I affirm that any other persons shown in any photo or video have authorized me to post their pictures/videos and names and have agreed to the terms contained herein.  I agree to indemnify the City from any third-party claims relating to this release.  I hereby releasee the City and those acting pursuant to its authority from liability, claims, and demands for any violation of any personal or propriety right I may have in connection with such use, including any and all claims for libel, defamation, copyright, trademark, or invasion of privacy.  I understand that all such recordings, in whatever medium, will remain the property of the City and is subject to reuse at any time.

See Calendar for list of all events.