Water Backflow Testing

Required Back-flow Test for all Residents

Spring is here, the temperature is rising and the ground is thawing. Before you turn on your sprinklers, the City of Bluffdale needs your help in protecting our water system.

Back-flows and cross-connections between culinary and secondary water are a growing concern not only locally, but statewide. It only takes a minor chain of events to cause a major problem with our drinking water.

Every sprinkling system that is connected to the drinking water system (culinary) is required to have a back-flow assembly installed. This device prevents possible contamination that may enter from the sprinkler system.

All back-flow devices are required to be tested every year. Any device found faulty must be repaired or replaced, not bypassed. A certified back-flow technician must come to your home and test your back-flow system.

The certified back-flow perform technician will send results to the city as well as leave you a copy. 

The City of Bluffdale does not endorse any specific individual or company. It is recommended that you contact and receive quotes from several testers to ensure a fair price for the testing and additional work to be done. Many local nurseries, landscapers, or sprinkler supply houses have lists of certified testers. A list of certified testers is available on the DEQ website.

To reference the city code on back-flow testing click here.

For more information on what a back-flow is, what it does and the risks of cross contamination, click here.

Please call Bluffdale City at 801-254-2200 and ask to speak to the water department with any questions or concerns.