Code Enforcement

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Code Enforcement Complaint Form

Code Enforcement Complaint Form

A code enforcement officer is responsible for investigating, evaluating, educating and enforcing adopted City and other applicable codes. This can be in the form of answering questions, issuing warnings or issuing citations for code violations.

Even though some issues may result in violations, the City’s code enforcement officers’ main objective is to ensure an attractive, lawful and safe community. Code Enforcement Officers perform a variety of office and fieldwork related  to code compliance with City, County and State codes and regulations. 

Officers also are committed to customer service by providing information on City regulations to homeowners, business and community groups which help enhance and preserve the quality of neighborhoods and businesses.

Common Code Violations

Weeds must not exceed 8 inches in height. All weed trimmings should be removed from property.

Construction or landscaping material; topsoil, sod, bark, rocks, gravel, wood etc., shall never be placed on any public right of way.

Mature trees need to be trimmed 12 feet above sidewalk and or street. Sidewalks are to be clear of foliage and over-growth.

All signs require a city permit from the Building Department.

Please refer to our list of codes under Public Ways and Property