Human Resources

About Us

The City of Bluffdale is a great place to work. We offer competitive compensation and a generous benefits package. We seek to obtain the best, most qualified workforce to provide exceptional customer service to Bluffdale residents. The City is centrally located between Salt Lake and Utah counties, providing quick access to major highways.

We believe in a “Life Connected”.
The City of Bluffdale is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides by city code that employment and promotion in the city government shall be based on merit and fitness, free of personal and political considerations, and shall in no way be influenced by religion, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, or ancestry.

A background check may be required. All positions must pass a pre-employment drug screen.


The City of Bluffdale provides competitive wages, retirement plans, and sick, vacation, and holiday leave. Full time employee benefit packages include medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, AD&D, and long-term disability. Optional plans available include a health savings account and deferred compensation (457 & 401k) plans.
The City Manager and Human Resources actively work with benefit providers to ensure the City’s benefits remain competitive and cost-effective.

We are a social security exempt employer.

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Most job postings will display a closing date. No applications will be accepted for a position after the closing date has elapsed, unless it is determined necessary to extend the closing date. Please allow for a reasonable amount of time after the closing date to be contacted for an interview.