Small Claims

Small claims cases are those civil suits involving relatively modest amounts of money. They are heard under simplified rules of procedure and evidence (Utah Rules of Small Claims Procedure, UCRA). This results in a speedier resolution of many matters that would otherwise tie up the courts in lengthy civil proceedings. 

  •  Most small claims cases filed in Bluffdale City have a Small Claims Hearing set out 60-90 days from the date the case is first filed with the court. 
  • Cases going to trial are set before a judge as there is no jury in the trial of small claims cases [§78B-1-104(4) U.C.A.].

Requirements to File a Small Claims Case

Statutory Requirements

Small claims matters must be for the recovery of money only.
The amount of the plaintiff's claim cannot exceed $11,000. This limitation includes attorney's fees but does not include service fees, court costs and interest.
Small claims cannot be used to sue for possession of property or to evict a tenant.
State statute prohibits small claims actions by an assignee of a claim.
One may not sue a governmental entity using small claims procedures.


The Bluffdale Justice Court has territorial jurisdiction over cases if the defendant [can be a person or a business entity] resides or the claim arises (the events happened) within the geographic boundaries of Bluffdale City.

Filing Fees

Small Claims $0-2,000 $2,001-7,500 $7,501-11,000
Filing an Affidavit                          $60 $100 $185
Counter Affidavit $50 $70 $120
Garnishment $50
Appeal to Justice Court $10
Appeal to District $225