Names to Be Added

May 2018 - The residents and volunteers of the City of Bluffdale have compiled a list of veterans who have not yet been listed on the Veterans Memorial. 

August 2018 - A City Volunteer has contacted the memorial engraver to arrange for the new names to be engraved. The engraver will add the names to the Veterans Memorial as soon as temperatures allow. 

November 2018 - The names listed below were added to the Veterans Memorial over Veterans Day Weekend.
  1. United States Air Force
  2. United States Army
  3. United States Coast Guard
  4. United States Marines
  5. United States Navy
  6. POW or MIA
  7. KIA or WIA
The following names have been submitted to be engraved on the Veterans Memorial:

  • Bronson, Tracy William
  • Davis, Larry Joseph
  • Edwards, William Leslie
  • Falter-Britton, Elise
  • Fillmore, Christopher
  • Giles, Darin
  • Grover, Robert Wendell
  • Heaps, Michael Kent
  • Morton, Jason
  • Sanders, Austin C.
  • Soderquist, Leon Fred
  • Ulberg, Christian
  • Ulberg, Ron
  • Whitehead, Chasen D.