Dog Park Committee

Over the past few years, City Administration has received comments about the need for a dog park.  We would like to form a committee to help decide how to move forward.  There are many questions to be answered in determining where and how to build a dog park.

Some of those questions are:

Where to build it?  
What amenities does a dog park need?  
How do we make it safe for both people and dogs?  
How do we protect surrounding properties from noise?  
How do we make it self-policing?  
What regulations are needed to ensure a good experience for everyone who participates?

The committee would make a presentation to the City Council during a public hearing. Everyone will have a chance share comments.

If you want to be on the Citizens Committee, please complete the application below and bring it to the city office at 2222 W 14400 South or email it to

Staff members from the Parks, Planning, and Engineering departments will select the top candidates.