The Bluffdale City Police Department is a team committed to protecting our City's quality of life. Team members serve our community with pride and integrity and maintain the highest levels of appearance, training, and skills. Our team members are our greatest assets in accomplishing these goals.

Bluffdale Police Employment

Please check with Saratoga Springs for current opportunities.
Police Employment

Crime Prevention

The Bluffdale Police Department would like to remind citizens of a few tips to prevent crime and protect yourself from becoming a victim.

Stolen Vehicles: In 2018, we have had 18 vehicles stolen in Bluffdale.  Most of those stolen vehicles were unlocked with the keys left inside them.

Vehicle Burglaries:  In 2018, most of the vehicle burglaries were crimes of opportunity for thieves.   In order to protect yourself from theft the Bluffdale Police Department asks you do the following:

  • Avoid leaving or hiding a spare key in your vehicle.
  • Avoid leaving anything of value in plain sight in your vehicle.
  • Lock the doors to your vehicle.
  • Do not leave bags in plain sight, even if it is only full of gym clothes. (Thieves do not know what is in the bag and will gladly break a $200 window to steal a $15 bag).
  • When shopping, do not leave recently purchased items in plain sight, put it under the seats or in the trunk when possible.
  • Do not leave your vehicle running unattended.

Please report all suspicious activity, suspicious persons and suspicious vehicles to the Bluffdale Police Department immediately.

Emergency: 911

Non-emergency: 801-794-3970